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Solutions for Property planning and Real Estate using drones

Drones in building and construction

As already stated on our Drone Services for Construction Surveys and Inspections section, drones can be used in many applications in the building and construction industries. Besides to providing site surveys Interstellar Drones can assist you to monitor compliance with planning conditions by councils and local residents. We can also help building developers to provide accurate records of progress. The following are some of the areas in property and construction in which we can assist you.

Marketing property and real estate using drones

Estate Agencies and Property marketing companies don’t need to break the bank hiring helicopters and crews in order to have breathtaking aerial photographs and films with unique views of their properties. Evidence suggests that aerial videos and images bear heavily in the decision making process of buyers/tenants. Thus, leading to more instructions, increased returns and deals closing more quickly.

Property maintenance using Interstellar Drones

Property managers or building surveyors if you have any project that needs property maintenance that could be physically risky, dirty or tedious to be perform manually, our Interstellar Drones property maintenance service will come handy.  

A Interstellar Drones property maintenance service will deliver a quicker assessment and report on the state and condition of a building, and also be more cost effective compared to a scaffolding setup. This will ensure that any problems can be identified early and solve quickly before they worsen, and become more expensive.

Accurate dilapidations schedules using aerial drones

Our property maintenance drones can also be used to perform accurate dilapidations schedules with photographic and video records to be use either by a landlord or tenant, as evidence of the state and condition in which the building was left at the end of the contract.

Land surveyors obtaining high accurate surveys using drones

Interstellar Drones Land survey services are also used to acquire highly accurate digital survey data with aerial drones. This, when compared to survey teams on the ground can saves you time and money.

Cartographic surveys and the use of aerial drones

Specially equipped drone with base station reference data and GPS can gather three-dimensional cartographic information with high accuracy of within 1 to 2 centimeters after processing. These cartographic surveys can be used in industries, such as:


If you are looking for solutions in your project’s that involve property planning, maintenance, land surveying or property marketing, property surveying or cartography do get in touch. Our aerial drone property planning and property advertising services could be an ideal way to get a jump on the competition.

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