Drone Aerial surveys and inspections Solutions for construction sites

Are you a Construction company, Highway Agencies, Consulting Engineers, RICS qualified construction surveyor, Master Planners, Waste management or Environmental or government construction planning departments?

Construction site planning and drone services

Do you need volume calculations, earth measurement or site safety and site planning for your construction projects? Our professional and specialised CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) qualified pilots can help you with our aerial survey and inspection solutions.

Interstellar Drone Services offers you Aerial Construction Site Surveys and Inspections. Our experts deliver the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) survey and photography service. Rigorously performing site inspection and progress monitoring of your construction projects. Flying our drones to very high or low locations difficult to reach and getting closer to the target for a fraction of the price compared to a helicopter or a scaffolding set up. As well as exterior Aerial Construction Site Surveys and Inspections our professional pilots also do precise interior site Surveys and Inspections services.

Drone Roof Surveys and Building Inspections

You can greatly benefit from our Drone Roof Surveys and Building Inspections. There are many risks and sometimes unnecessary costs attached to many regular inspection tasks on a typical industrial or construction site. Think of complex environments such as a “working at height” situation or simple visual checks, pollution risk reviews and thermal inspections.

Reducing risks and costs on construction surveys and inspections using Drone Services

When using Interstellar Drone Aerial Construction Site Surveys and Inspections Services you can considerably reduce those risks and costs. Consequently, being able to perform these tasks more frequently if needed.

Additionally the broadcast quality of our videos and high printing quality pictures produced for our Drones can easily be delivered to serve as historical records to enhance your inspection obligations.

If you think we can help with our Drone Inspection Specialist, assets and building surveys services don’t hesitate to contact us.

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