Due to the increase in property searches online, real estate agents need more than traditional marketing techniques. Old-fashioned property and real estate photography just won’t cut it anymore. This industry is one of the toughest so for your property to stand out and sell, you have to do much more.

Image technology advancement, however, has made it easier for property owners, agents, and photographers to snap their homes from exceptional angles which then leads to sales. In this article, we will discuss property aerial drone photography, pros, and cons. We will also take a look at the tips to look out for when hiring a drone pilot and buying a drone. Let’s get right to it, shall we?




The impact of Brexit on UK companies will have a significant effect on the United Kingdom. Its retreat from the European Union will affect companies that trade with the UK or are affected by UK assistance in the single market in different forms. Businesses and organizations’ should observe the advancement of negotiations and arrange for all imaginable results. In the prospect of the challenges associated with the approval on the UK side and the regulation of the UK Government, there is an impending uncertainty of a no-deal withdrawal.

A no-deal retreat by the UK would also have an influence on several other fields, from food imports and agriculture subsidiaries, administrative structures, etc. that between other factors influence the circumstances for trading with the UK. This involves transportation and logistic problems, product management for goods including the SPS area, occasions for transporting particular data, public acquisition, intellectual business law effects, eTrade contract issues, and the requirements for administering trade in services, including businesses and transferring workers.

What is Brexit anyway

The decision of the United Kingdom European Union Referendum of 2016 transpired a triumph for the Leave campaign, gathering a total of 51.9% of the vote. This indicated that the result was in support of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, a judgment and process that is generally regarded to as “Brexit

The Irish Backstop and its implications in Brexit

Despite that clear results, presently the Irish border is blocking the Brexit because there is no border check post between North Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland. The backstop will be imposed as soon as the UK leaves the EU. It comes into influence only if a completely free trade agreement is not immediately agreed between the UK and the EU.

European Union has so far denied changing the backstop. The prime minister said that the UK will leave on October 31 still if it is without a commitment. That indicates the UK will leave the customs union and single market business. The service of custom unions is to affirm that all the EU countries impose the charges on the goods coming from outside, where the EU nations do not impose taxes on each other’s products. The single market allows people to move goods, people, services, and money to all the EU countries.

A UK company can sell its products in any country as easily as it can in other non-EU countries, get their cash(capital), offer resources or services and they can also send or move workers to and fro. Brexit with no-deal will cause huge loss for UK companies. Because if the UK withdraws the single market and customs union then the EU will begin imposing out charge checks on British commodities.

This could also lead to setbacks at ports. It could also generate traffic bottlenecks, which will interrupt the supply roads and consequently destroying the economy. However, with the jeopardy of no-deal, MP’s from different parties are urging the government to seek another Brexit extension.

The Brexit, pound drop, food cost, and medicines shortage?

The Brexit will greatly affect all of the individuals in all sort of ways. The pound will pointedly drop in response to a no-deal, it could sway the cost and availability of foods. 30% of the food arrives from the EU, and it’s expected that most of foods and vegetables will be more costly after the Brexit. Most of the companies owners and the business groups believe that no deal with harm economic production.

The Brexit would lead to the worst shortages of medicines because the major companies would not be able to import the medications goods. The drugs in short supply have been constantly on the rise. This is because about 3-4 quarters of the medicines and clinical products are imported via the EU countries.

Importing products from the EU is expected to get extra costly when free movement of products ends with the UK’s withdrawal.

As a member of the EU, UK firms don’t have to pay additional charges, taxes or have customs limits on goods moving to or from the EU.

But after a Brexit, new rules will implement. UK businesses will need to utilize the same methods to EU trade that employ when trading with the rest of the world. Industrial experts agree that the dilemma created by the Brexit process is letting buyers and sellers sit tight, causing a slowdown in the housing market. The usage of mobile phones in the European Union Countries will be more expansive after the event of no-deal Brexit.

As a member of the EU, UK firms don’t have to pay additional taxes on goods traveling to or from the EU. Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, they have more chance to make business deals with other nations around the globe. Countries like China and Australia are already moving to make trade deals with the UK after the Brexit. Brexit was also a political shock versus the economic one, and it was largely unexpected one. The way that Brexit is an unusual kind of risk shock is that there are many undiscovered factors which are difficult for companies to quantify.

Companies state that they are being affected by Brexit and on variables such as around changes, prices, finance, and profession. Brexit is expected to decrease future UK fecundity by half a percentage point. The majority of businesses assume that Brexit will ultimately reduce sales and boost costs. Brexit has already diminished investment and employment growth.

Companies in the UK that export more products and services to the EU, import more stuff from the EU and operate more labor from the EU were considered most uncertain and assumed Brexit to ultimately have a more unfavorable impact on their sales. These types of more globally revealed firms also manage to be more prolific than average. UK Companies that are more productive expect the inevitable effect of Brexit on finances to be more negative than for the less productive ones.

UK companies will face the following major issues:

  • There will be high import charges with the immediate result on marketing prices and selling.
  • The preference of the goods produced in its own region with an impact on the sales market.
  • There is a major impact on finance companies after the referendum and it will be more after the Brexit.
  • The insurance sector will be impacted a lot due to Brexit.

Some companies may be leaving the UK due to the loss of their rights. Other reasons the companies are considering leaving include the outflow of international human capital, new restrictions on sourcing of talent, and tariffs on import and export trade. 

Manufacturers, and especially those associated with economies of scale-like automakers, are set to move production to the EU rather than risk facing tariffs on exports after Brexit. World Trade Organization will be imposing new tariffs on imports and exports if a new trade agreement isn’t drawn up between the U.K. and EU.

While the short term financial alarm following Britain’s impending exit from the EU is not a prediction of the future of the country’s economy, it serves as a warning of the risks associated with the transition process and investment challenges to come. Companies should not overlook the need to make fundamental changes in order to maintain compliance with regulatory obligations following Brexit. If your company operates within the UK, check what your business or organisation should do to prepare for Brexit.




Drones roof surveys and inspections

Drones in your Roof? Well, probably only if you want to do a survey and inspection. The presence of drones in the construction industry has brought significant changes in the industry. It is changing the way in which the construction industry was operating before.

The drone roof surveys and inspections in Kent is the latest mean of inspecting roofs during the construction process. Are there other ways to assure that everything is perfectly constructed without taking great risks with human manual inspections in your projects? The following article presents some ways this can be achieved. Most interestingly, these implementations are bringing continued yet lasting effects on the industry. Here is an overview of how drones have changed the construction industry when conducting surveys and inspections on housetops, building top roofs, church domes, and hight structure platforms in a more effective way.

How Drones can help in roof surveys and inspections

In the construction, surveying or home development industry? Here you will find highly valuable information in some of the most important ways in which drones are improving roof surveys and inspections in the best possible way.

Maintenance of quality

Another most amazing and highly effective application of drones in the industry of construction is related to maintenance. This technology is highly effective to detect any leakage through thermal imaging during roof inspections. That is why constructors are hiring Drone inspection specialist for the survey of their buildings to look for any defects or errors.

They also inspect the security system built for labor to assure that it is efficient and safe. Even more, you can also get a perfect aerial view of the construction project to assess the performance of building in a more effective way with ease. Even more, these can be used to capture views which you can also use for insurance claims in an effective way.


Reduced accidents

Accidents are common during the construction process. However, with drone roof surveys and inspections in Kent, it will be easier to determine if there are any issues with the roofs that might cause accidents. Such errors will be resolved before anything bad can happen. That is why hiring a Drone inspection specialist will give you peace of mind that no one will get hurt during the construction process.

Safety inspection and goods transport

The use of drones in the site safety inspection is also meaning a drastic change in the safety of worksite by eliminating various dangerous hazards. Use of drones is allowing the companies to transport goods aerially and is helping them to execute difficult structural and element inspection process in the best possible way.

It will also help the companies to keep track of the things entering and leaving the worksite in a more effective way. And these are just some small examples that can be implemented in your construction site or development. Even more, these are bringing more efficiency in the inspection processes as compared to other traditional methods being this more secure and accurate than a manned method.

Where to find the best drone services?

Well, if you are in the construction industry and looking for the best Drone Construction inspection specialist then there is no need to go anywhere else. It is because “Interstellar Drones” the inspection specialist in Kent can provide you with a trusted and effective service.

We are offering professional and highly effective services in the industry. We are working with the most trusted and loved Drone Safety Inspection pilots in Kent and we might like to think in England. Our experienced and highly qualified staff make us the best among our competitors.

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For better cost of production to farmers; aerial drone services is no doubt the most feasible option. With the growing urgency in the need to revitalize the agriculture sector world over, to fit the world’s ever-growing population and of course, at  If indeed agriculture is going to feed the world, it needs to be more tech-inclined.

In the real sense of it, much of the chemicals and water applied in the course of farming, can’t lesser amount be used? How effective is it applied? That’s when aerial drone services come to play! If you have not started utilizing the aerial drones in your farms, I assure you, after going through the reasons below, you will definitely have a rethink.


According to the CEO of DroneDeploy, “drones are simply a great necessity on agriculture, a simple way to get data; making use of aerial drones in your farm is of great benefit as it provides you the farmer the much-needed information ranging from the crop yield, properly watered region, fertilizer usage, and pest affected areas.” The thermal cameras that come with the drones do a good justice at gathering this information to the farmer. Mr. Mike Winn further stated that incorporating the aerial drones services in agriculture is beneficial to identifying problems earlier before they spread and channeling resources like chemicals and water with great precision. With the accurate data, the farmer will be more frugal in dispensing materials, reducing the wastage of fertilizers, pesticides, and another chemical load in both food and environment and ultimately saving money.


Every farmer is always concerned with the cost of labor. Aerial drone services promise to take care of the problem for you. Drones have proven helpful and competent in handling jobs which could be carried out by a handful of laborers. Some tasks like crop assessment and field monitoring can be done efficiently by the drone in comparatively lesser time and with low cost.


drone livestock view-Interstellar drones

Drone view of livestock

Utilizing the service of drones with thermal imaging in your livestock farm is no doubt a great way to keep an eye on your livestock at all times. You can easily know when an animal is missing, birthing, or injured. All these are done at a lower cost and will ultimately lead to maximize profit.


is specially designed to serve the farmer at a comparatively low cost. What’s more is it’s more efficient, fast, and very easy to use in farming.The unmanned aerial vehicle is no doubt, the best economical means of carrying out crop dusting and spraying. The heavy-lift drone


Agriculture Irrigation Drone-Interstellar Drones

Agriculture Irrigation Drone

The research done by dronedeploy on aerial drones showed that drones, equipped with thermal sensors to be of great service to agricultural farmers in cases of irrigation. These tools give information on soil moisture leading to efficient use of water and in the same vein, reduced amount of water required for irrigation purposes.


Employing aerial drone services in your farming will not just guarantee that you spend less, but will go a long way to see the best utilization of available materials. With the aerial drone services, you can easily get the best farm survey data, which is crucial to farm management. With the data provided from the aerial unmanned vehicle, you can easily zero in on growing differences between areas of a field, which may be directly correlated to productivity with a lesser incurred cost of production.




Can you really be saved by a drone? What can possibly put your life in danger and not be able to be rescued by a person but rather a drone? 

This article will briefly describe 4 ways a drone or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), can save your life or that of anyone that is at risk or in a dangerous situation. 

Cyril Kabbara, the co-founder of Shark Robotics, reportedly told the New York Post that Colossus “is a robot that is designed to remove humans from danger. (New York Times Post, 2019). Not to replace [humans] but to act as operational support for firefighters.” 

With drones, gathering information of the ground from above with high-definition video and thermal imaging (lead to development of 3D simulations) has  made various emergency rescue services easier; saving more time and protecting more lives. 

Saving your life with a drone may sound an extreme case in using a drone. But just think for a mommentent how useful a drone can be on different cases where there are places too high, too tight or too hot to access. These are the type of situations in which a drone is used for instance in the Construction and Facilities management industry. Many will also utilize drones for entertainment, filming social events or marketing. Sometimes drones are a sign of surveillance, control or threat of one’s own life when used by governments or in military situations but still a drone can rightly save your life. Next we present 4 ways a drone can save your life. 


1. Drones used for crime management

The local police in the city of Ensenada, Mexico, have claimed that the purchase of one single drone led to more than 500 arrests, a 10 percent drop in the overall crime rate and a 30 percent drop in residential robberies. This drone can make 25 trips per day on average, covering areas with the highest density of 911 calls. The decreased response times and assistance in apprehending criminals has been linked to the decline in criminal activities in the city. (The wired, 2018). 


2. Drones used for disaster management


The March 2011 Tsunami in Japan, triggered by a mighty earthquake that caused severe damage to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The impact resulted in a full-scale evacuation because of the amount of dangerous nuclear material that was released. Drones were deployed at the first possible instance to assess the extent of the ruin. These robotic machines were able to provide assistance in monitoring for radiation exposure, repairing the destroyed areas and rebuilding efforts — all while minimizing the nuclear fallout exposure for relief workers at the same time. 


3. Drones used for search and rescue

The police department in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, reportedly  used drones to locate a rape victim and her attacker  and also an elderly man, who wandered off with dementia.( the guardian news, 2018). These two cases were resolved smoothly and safely using the thermal sensing capabilities of their drone, and likely much quicker than otherwise possible. 

Conclusively, the use of these unmanned technologies seems more promising. It has already proven its ability to save lives and mitigate damages in dire situation and worthwhile in areas where even two helicopters can’t deliver.


4. Drones used for Crowd control


These types of drones are equipped with non-lethal weapons such as tear gas or sound cannons; they are specifically made to break up large, out-of-control crowds of people without causing any physical harm to them. They are typically used by the military and law enforcement agencies. 

This can be arguably be a way to save your life, but nevertheless, drones in this case will aid to reduce the risk of losing your life. 

In conclusion,  a drone or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can in many difficult or dangerous situations be a means to save you life. If you will like to know of any other uses or applications for aerial drones and how these can help for the success of your business visit us at Interstellar Drones and we’ll be happy to assist you. Just get in touch




The Gatwick drone near-miss incident prior to Christmas caused a temporary runway closure and disruptive misery for 140,000 passengers. This resulted in mass disruption, affecting about 1,000 flights at one of the busiest travel times of the year. The world aviation bodies have to urgently seek for an innovative way of detecting a drone approaching an airport and safely putting it down to forestall future occurrence.

The passengers were forced to sleep on planes and airport floors. (Independent news, 2018).  Throngs of travelers spent their morning waiting inside the Gatwick’s terminal for updates, while others reported being stuck on grounded planes for hours, with several incoming planes diverted.

Business activities associated with the airport including airlines, retailers, hotels and taxis are believed to have lost millions in combined revenues due to the disruption. (Standard news, 2018).


Sequel to the Christmas incident, two easy jet flights from Barcelona and Amsterdam respectively was initially sent to Stansted before making a landing at Gatwick.

A Gatwick spokesman told journalists that, the Gatwick investigated a report of an unconfirmed sighting of an object outside the airport’s 5Kms exclusion zone but – following a full assessment – the airport has remained fully operational throughout. (The Telegraph, 2019).

Yet another more recent drone near-miss incident happened just 4 days after the flying drones ban extension from 1 to 5 Kms from airports on March 17, 2019. The report concluded this drone near-miss incident placed the plain significantly in danger.


What could give a reasonable solution for this constant drone near-miss incidents happening recently at British airports?

For further mitigation of drones’ attacks which might lead to airport closures and delayed flights, the Gatwick and Heathrow airports are investing heavily in innovative ways to detect a drone approaching an airport and safely put it down.

Millions of pounds are already invested into the anti-drone technology by the Gatwick and Heathrow to avoid delayed flights as a result of drones attack.

The spokesman for Gatwick airport revealed that the airport had spent several million pounds on new defenses after flights were grounded on its runway during the Christmas run-up. 

He went ahead to reveal that the safety of the passengers and colleagues will always remain their top priority. (Independent news, 2019).



The UK government recently announced that new powers are given to the police to tackle illegal use of drone technology, including the power to land, seize and search for drones. However, these regulations may do little to discourage a user with malicious intent.  The latest breakthrough in technology for detecting and jamming a drone system is as follows.


The Geo-fencing technology option is designed to automatically limit where drones can fly. Some drones made by DJI are already loaded with such software, preventing them from flying where illegal operations are illegal, such as at airports and military bases.


Various software and hardware are now designed for airports with the sole purpose of detecting drones kilometers far away. The television signals may also be employed in detecting drones.

Eric Saczuk, an instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, stated that the system that was specifically designed to detect particular manufacture of drones, its ability to detect all types of drones is yet unclear.

Putting them down

With the detection system in place, putting them down poses less duty. The drones can be shot down (there’s a concern of stray bullets as in Gatwick incident) or jammed with jamming guns which posses high radio frequency that can override the operation of the drone.

Also, some high tech companies have come up with drones with the sole purpose of hunting other drones. The British-based Company Skywall uses air-powered cannons to launch nets at drones and bring them down.

If you are interested to know more about drones in general or need any drones facilities services, agriculture, property planning or marketing, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have highly qualified CAA drone operator with experience in taking aerial photographs and videos.




It’s no more news that the UK government has chosen to adopt the same style of regulating drones usage adopted in certain countries e.g.  USA. Drone operators in UK will have to pay an annual charge of £16.50 under plans to introduce a new registration scheme in the UK. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is consulting on setting up a license fee to cover the costs of operating the new drone registration scheme. From November, drone owners are required to register their information on a database and drone flyers will carry out a free online basic safety check. The plans would surely affect everyone who owns a drone that weighs more than 250 grams (8oz), and only those aged 18 and above would be able to register as the official drone owner. There would be no fee for those who fly the drones but are not registered owners.

According to source, the CAA has launched a consultation on the proposals, with a final decision expected to be released by the regulator in July this year.

The number of drone users in the UK is unknown, but the CAA has estimated that about 170,000 people will register after the regulatory commencement. This new rule simply means who ever owns or intend flying a drone will have to register it first and obtain a code, this code will be applicable to any drone owned and registered by the same person. According to CAA, Failure to comply with the rules would lead to a fine of £1000.

The emergence of the new registration scheme was due to the travel turmoil at Gatwick Airport caused by a large number of drone sightings in the week leading up to Christmas in 2018. Britain’s second-busiest airport was closed for 33 hours, disrupting 140,000 passengers’ journeys. The sightings brought about a large police operation and the Army was at some point drafted into the airport to bring the insurgence under control. The military brought their anti-drone devices which can uncover and deactivate drones by cluttering radio signals, after which it was left at the airport until March 2019.

The incident brought a national matter of concern which left the UK government to come up with a solution to avoid such occurrences again.  

The registration fee and failure to comply fee will deter people a lot from owning drone (carys Kaiser) let alone flying without it being registered. With this rule, the number of drones in the air will lessen and can be accounted for, and if perhaps any drone is seen flying through a restricted boundary, with the help of this registration policy the owner of the drone can be contacted easily informing he/her to avert or face the consequence if they refuses.




Drones have consistently made waves in various service departments; the emergency rescue service and the fire service are not left out. Drones as the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has proven necessary for recon of wildfires and motor vehicle accident scenes, hazmat incidents, hot spot identification at structure fires, and even in rescue scenarios.

Aside from the recon function and hot spot identification, additional uses for drones include in agriculture, for search and rescue, preplanning with aerial photos and video identification of utilities, utility shutoffs, construction and estate development, event monitoring and disaster assessment and post-disaster recon after weather events such as floods or tornados.



For those unfamiliar with these artifacts, drones are formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems (UASes). A drone is simply a flying robot that can be remotely controlled. It’s built to fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans which are embedded in their systems, working in conjunction with onboard sensors and GPS.

Therefore, besides the use of Drones in agriculture, search and rescue, preplanning, identification of utilities, construction and estate development, event monitoring and disaster assessment, etc. There are many more Drone applications but they are also well utilised in Emergency Response and Fire Service.



The world is still relieving from the “terrible tragedy” of the Notre dame incidence. The “accidental destruction” of France’s most iconic landmark, a UNESCO world heritage site has left many speechless. Both Christians and non-Christians surely felt the blow of such colossal loss of the Centuries’ old building spire and roof, torn down by fire.

Thermal imaging from a drone

The fire accident, according to reports (Washington post, 2019) took firefighters more than 12 hours to extinguish. The role played by drones in assisting the local fire service department in the inferno is not to be wiped off easily. Local firefighters are still paying accolades to the DJI drones used in the incidence.

The Paris Fire brigade spokesman was quoted by the local media acknowledging the efficiency of the drones. (The Verge, 2019). “The drones allowed us to correctly use what we had at our disposal.”

“Time was against us, the wind was against us, and we had to get the upper hand,” the spokesman told the Times of London; “The priority we set was to save the two belfries. Imagine if the timber of the belfries had been weakened, and the bells had collapsed. That was really our fear. In the beginning, it was not impossible to imagine that the cathedral structure could collapse.” (The times UK, 2019). The two drones used was said to have been borrowed from the Ministry of Interior.

The two drones used were said to be equipped with thermal cameras and effective for tracking the source of the fire and the fire movements, and leveraging on the aerial vantage points to strategically tackle the fire. This proved to be more flexible, effective and with low cost compared to the usage of choppers.

Aside from the two DJIs used drones known as ‘Colossus,’ other firefighting robots; the “water cannon robot” and the “Hose Extension Robot” are also available, (The robots report, 2019) designed for too hazardous conditions such as fire at chemical plants.

Interstellar Drones operates in the Medway area, the Southeast of England and beyond offering Drone aerial services specialising in surveys and inspections. If you find this information useful and will like to be assisted to tackle any challenges you may have, just get in touch.

The Rise of Drones in Construction and Their Inevitable Importance

The Rise of Drones in Construction and Their Inevitable Importance


The Rise of Drones in Construction and Their Inevitable Importance


In recent years, the presence of commercial drone use within the construction industry has skyrocketed, thanks to the technological advancements in sensor systems, onboard computer features, control systems (motor and electronic), and camera capabilities. According to CNBC, drone use within the industry has seen an increase of 239 percent (2018), due to the simple fact that they are easier to use than expensive on-site aerial planes and provide high-definition, night vision, and thermal imaging of building sites. What was once a fun hobby taken up by drone enthusiasts, has now become a practical, affordable, and an invaluable asset for progress monitoring, 3D mapping, and surveying construction buildings sites.  In this article, we will take a look at how drones are impacting these areas and why they have become integral to the construction enterprise.

How Drones Are Used for Mapping Out Construction Zones

One of the major advantages that drones bring to the industry is their ability to reduce the labor-intensive process of site mapping. Prior to the use of drones, construction crews would be sent on-site to plan and sketch out the entire zone. With aerial mapping, a construction company can use a drone to take photographs from multiple angles, heights, and dimensions, significantly cutting down the time that it takes to map out the entire site. These photographs can then be stitched together and geometrically corrected into a complete three-dimensional orthomosaic image.

Once this type of image is created, it serves several purposes, including giving the contractor a closer look at each individual area, giving access to measurements between distance points, and providing additional geographic information about the zone. Beyond this, when kept up to date, an orthomosaic map can provide construction crews and contractors real-time conditions on the ground, ultimately helping in the mapping out of equipment movement, excavation, and deliveries.

Why Are Drones Important for Site Surveying?

When a construction company can get an accurate understanding of the land, whether this is from  canvas images or topographical images, crews can plan ahead for site excavation including the removal of obstacles and hazards. Beyond this, drones are much cheaper to fly than any aerial aircraft and they can survey the site much faster than a crew of humans. Due to how inexpensive it is to purchase a drone and train an employee to operate it, this becomes advantageous in that it can cut down the number of days it takes to get the job done, provide the company with a competitive edge while keeping overhead costs down on labor. Finally, when used in tandem with 3D mapping, a construction company can deploy resources safely and effectively.

The Advantage of Drones in Monitoring Progress

Like all types of major projects, a construction job must still be monitored and kept on track with regards to the schedule and budget. Through the use of cameras and live feeds, a drone inspection can quickly show a contractor what progress has been made on a project and whether it is hitting developmental milestones. According to McKim & Creed, utilizing a drone to map out the progress of the site can improve job efficiency by up to 50% as the building crews can stay focused on the project and the client can see project visibility through the progress photographs. Beyond this, a drone that can monitor the progress of the build process can catch small errors, allowing them to be resolved prior to becoming a large liability.

How Drones Make The Construction Industry Safer

Finally, drones give contractors the ability to perform site inspections quickly, safely, and away from potential hazards and unsafe situations. They keep all construction employees away from the construction site during initial surveillance, as drones can be remotely controlled and used to suss out dangerous areas, unattended equipment, and unforeseen obstacles. In using a drone in this manner, the overall risk to the employee is greatly reduced and the job site is improved as a whole.

If you’re curious about how your business can be greatly benefit with the use of Aerial Drones you can visit us at Interstellar Drones Construction Services.



The Gatwick Incident and the CAA 2019 New laws. Will the new Drone Laws After The Gatwick Incident Affect Future Pilots?

The Gatwick Incident and the CAA 2019 New laws. Will the new Drone Laws After The Gatwick Incident Affect Future Pilots?

The Gatwick Incident and Flying Drones In The UK in 2019.

Will the new Drone Laws After The Gatwick Incident Affect Future Pilots?

Quite recently, over the past few years, there has been an upsurge in the drone technology as drones have gained very massive popularity and are still becoming more popular by the day. Today, it isn’t really a strange sight to see a drone fly over your head in an open space, especially in the UK.

But then, just as it is with every other technology advancement and most good things, the advancement and evolution of drone have not failed to bring along a few disadvantages and risks although most of them are dependent on where and how the drones are flown.

The Gatwick Incident

Just recently, one of such high drone risks occurred in the Gatwick airport and because of the incident, the UK authorities have considered tweaking the laws regulating how and where drones can be flown, making it a bit more stringent.

Mid last year, the Gatwick airport came to a standstill as drones were seen flying around its airfield. This incident caused chaos and created many confusions that caused the delay of thousands of passengers who became stranded, with many of them having their flights redirected in the end.

Yet again, on the 19 of December last year, an incident involving drones occurred in the same Gatwick airport which brought the airport to a standstill again for about two days, till the 21st of December 2018. This time, more than a hundred thousand passengers at the airport were affected by the incident.

These recurring drone incidents in the Gatwick Airport and some other busy airports in the UK have caused the UK authorities to continuously review the laws regulating flying of drones in the UK to become more stringent and to also tighten the enforcement. Today, any drone flier who endangers an aircraft by flying his drone above 120 meters as close as 1km around any airport or airfield might be risking about five years in prison. Thus, if you have the intention of becoming a drone flier or you are already one, it is necessary to brush up on the drone flying law in the UK again.

Not to worry, however, the new drone flying rules will be discussed in this article. So, if you are interested in knowing where and how you can safely fly a drone in the UK, all you have to do is read on.

The New Drone Rules In UK

The new ‘Drone Code’ was set in place during the summer of 2018, specifically on the 30th of July 2018. The law places full legal responsibilities on the person who flies a drone and bans people from flying drones at a 120m height and 1km anywhere near an airport or airfield in the UK. People who fail this law and puts an aircraft in danger might face a penalty of five years in prison.

The new law, however, has three caveats that allow The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and airport authorities the power to make exceptions to these laws in some specific situations.

This law also makes it compulsory that people who use drones in the UK will have to take online ‘driving tests’ under some new regulations by the Parliament.

More, starting from the 30th of November in 2019, people who own drones that weigh from 250 grams up must register with the CAA, and the pilots of the drones will have to take a safety test online. Drone users will also have to begin using apps that will relay needed information to them to ensure that planned flights can be legally and safely made.

Also, drone users are to take drone awareness tests which will cover for topics on privacy, security, and safety. These tests might also be administered online via the use of apps.

It also very likely that more reviews are going to be done on the rules and more new laws will be set in place for flying drones in the UK this year, 2019.


Flying drones can be fun as well as a useful activity. However, it might land you in legal troubles if you do not follow the laid down rules for it, especially in the UK. Some relevant information about the new drone regulations in the UK has been discussed in this article. You can also visit the CAA’s website for more updates in the 2019 drone flying rules in the UK. You can also check what we at Interstellar Drones and our fully qualified pilots can do for you.