Due to the increase in property searches online, real estate agents need more than traditional marketing techniques. Old-fashioned property and real estate photography just won’t cut it anymore. This industry is one of the toughest so for your property to stand out and sell, you have to do much more.

Image technology advancement, however, has made it easier for property owners, agents, and photographers to snap their homes from exceptional angles which then leads to sales. In this article, we will discuss property aerial drone photography, pros, and cons. We will also take a look at the tips to look out for when hiring a drone pilot and buying a drone. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

What exactly is Aerial Drone Photography for Property and Real Estate?

Before the invention of drones, aerial photographs used to be taken using traditional and rather expensive methods. The shooting equipment use to take photographs of the property was ridiculously costly and they had to be taken from a helicopter. Due to the expenses and equipment involved, only high-end real estate and properties were marketing using aerial photographs.

With the invention of drones, aerial photography has become cheaper, accessible, and much popular. These customizable and portable drones have become a must-have for real estate marketing professionals to have. You can now take unique shots of your property with these drones. However, the drone has to be registered and the drone pilot has to have a professional use of small UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) permit. The invention of drones is a very important invention that has impacted real estate marketing positively. So, what are the benefits of using drones to take aerial photographs of your property?

Pros of Real Estate Drone Photography

Drone photography has several benefits in real estate marketing for both agents and buyers all over the world. Highlighted below are the pros of real estate drone photography:

Drone Photography Creates Convincing Images

One of the major benefits of drone aerial photos is the fact that it produces compelling pictures that will interest and convince viewers. Drones can offer a professional pictorial overview of your entire property with shots from a variety of angles.  Real estate photography professionals stated that drone photography offers great views of the properties – which is invaluable in real estate marketing.

Features such as the automatic point of interest targeting and GPS aid in generating expert real estate pictures that will attract buyers. Drones also show more features of the property like pools, backyards, landscaping, and other important features which will generally require several traditional ground-based photographs.

Aerial View of Houses

Aerial View of new houses

Attract Buyers

Just as a professional drone photographer stated, “ a single photograph can share a lot of information”. Drones create amazing images that effectively embody your property so buyers can be attracted to your property as a result of these aerial drone photographs you put up. This will, in turn, result in the sale of the property or other opportunities.

It is Cost-Effective

Back in the day, aerial photographs of properties used to be taken from helicopters – which was not very cost-effective. With the development of drones however, the cost of taking aerial photographs of your property is ridiculously affordable and accessible compared to the former method. Nowadays, regular homeowners can now get aerial photographs of their properties with drones at affordable costs.

Virtual Tours are Possible

Virtual tours of your home can be one by programming the drone on flight paths throughout the home. These tours imitate normal physical tours as the customers will be able to see every corner of the property – which will, in turn, attract and impress them more than photographs.

The Multiple Listing Service reported that over 60% of properties featuring aerial photographs sold faster than stationary photographs.

Aerial view with drone of a house with swimming pool

Aerial view with a drone of a house with a swimming pool

Drone Photography Makes Your Work Unique

Drones generate fantastic photographs that embody your property effectively than ground-based photographs. With drone photography, you are sure to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Ground-based photographs are still being used on a large number of listing so using aerial drone photography is a sure way to impress prospective property buyers as well as property owners who are looking to advertise their properties effectively.

Cons of Real Estate Drone Photography

  • It could expose the Property and Real Estate to Security Risks.
  • Drones can unintentionally violate the privacy of other occupants of the area
  • Drones typically have a short lifespan unlike normal cameras
Aerial Drone view of group of houses

Aerial Drone view of a group of houses

Tips to Look Out for When Hiring a Drone Pilot

Recently, the demand for the services of drone pilots in real estate photography has increased tremendously. Highlighted below are the important factors you need to look consider when you want to hire a drone pilot.

Photography Skill-set

Due to the high demand for drone pilots, the number of certified drone pilots has been on a steady increase. It is very essential to hire a certified drone pilot if you want to get awesome real estate photographs. The photography skill is needed as not just anyone who can operate a drone can take good pictures with it.


The insurance policy of your drone pilot is very important because different factors can generate hazards. This is why it is essential to know that your pilot is protected in case of accident to avoid issues,

Safety Orientation

You must ensure that the drone pilot you are hiring has the Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) –or what you would most commonly call a “drone license”. Such permission is only given to by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  This way you can know whether the pilot has the right safety orientation needed. Hiring an “unlicensed” pilot will not do you any good.

Price range

The price range for drone pilots differs and the factors that affect pricing levels include property size, equipment, and skill.

Types of Drone Recommended for Real Estate Photography

The following are some of the popular drones used for real estate photography:

  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0
  • DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X5S
  • Yuneec Typhoon H
  • DJI Mavic Pro

To Wrap It Up

Drone aerial photography is immensely beneficial to the property and real estate industry. It is a wonderful way to capture the attention of potential buyers. However, to capture the best aerial images of your property, you have to hire a professional drone pilot with the right skill, licensing and experience.

You will be interested to know about us and how our pilots comply with CAA regulations. If you got any questions regarding aerial photography for property and real estate just give us a shout at Interstellar Drones, we’ll happy to assist you in any way.